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Jul 16, 2014

Public Commentary on Verdict of Felicia Chen

This past Monday, twenty-two year old Felicia Chen was sentenced to eight years in prison for the manslaughter of her three children.  In May of last year, Chen got off a bus and walked four of her children—ages six, four, three and two years—to Belizean Beach at mile four on the George Price Highway. She proceeded to drown the three youngest children: Triana, Thomas and Trinaya, but the six year old escaped and ran to look for assistance. Chen herself was prevented from taking her own life. After undergoing treatment she was arrested and charged for the triple murder, however, when she returned to court last week Thursday, she pleaded guilty to manslaughter. In mitigation, her attorney Leslie Mendez told the court that Chen had been mentally and physically abused and was experiencing diminished responsibility when the children were drowned. Her case and sentencing have stirred comment so today we took to the streets to get the public’s insight on Chen’s sentencing.


Resident 1

“I think that it is a situation where you have to compromise with her because she is going to have to live with it for the rest of her life that she killed her children.”


Chelsea Wagner

“As a mother, how do you feel about what she did?”


Resident 1

“I’m not really sure, but I think that you have to look at the circumstances…what all she has been through. Something had to really drive her to that point.”


Resident 2

“I think that’s ridiculous because three children should deserve life imprisonment. I mean attempted murder is already eight years in prison so I think she should have deserves life imprisonment for that.”


Resident 3

“It depends on the circumstances because the woman could have been under extreme stress why she took that measure and that could be looked at because I don’t think that anybody, anybody in their right mind would kill any human being much less your own children. So I think, I support her.”


Resident 4

“Me as a father, I go through lots of ups and downs but you really have to turn to the proverbs. And her judge and her prosecution…it come to a self-emotion but basically the penalty for that, she should be serving the justice time. But dah manslaughter and all mothers go through abuse physically if they don’t have a help from ma or bredda or pa or wah job. But I must say judge give ahn wah fair trial.”


Chelsea Wagner

“But you think that only eight years was appropriate?”


Resident 4

“Well, it all based on the D.P.P. and judge and I would say the judge decide weh ih wah grant her because there is three lives and you could neva bring back three lives.”


Resident 5

“Well I think the eight should times by three. Therefore it is three persons that actually died and the fact is that it her children. So I think if Anti-Christ got eight years for one person, why does she get the same amount of time? Just a question.”


Resident 6

“Ih noh really make no sense because if dah foreign ih mi deh, ih mi wah do big time for real. Belize deh behind time. Prime Minister need fi tighten up.”


The eight-year sentence for drowning each of her children is to run concurrently which means that Chen will serve only eight years or less in prison.

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9 Responses for “Public Commentary on Verdict of Felicia Chen”

  1. Rod says:

    The judges in this gov. Are some of the most corrupt dumb people of this country this girl deserved the hanging penalty no less hang all murderers quit playing around judas barrow hang all murderers unu know why this gov. Haven’t brought back the hanging penalty I’ll tell you why because a lot of people in this police dept and gov. Would end up hung also this is the only reason they haven’t brought back the hanging penalty I say hang all murderers make sure their are food vendors at all the hangings the sell panades garnaches meat pie and lemonade so we can enjoy the spectacle hang all murderers.

  2. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Who are we to judge….i dont support what she did, but you know only she know what she was going through. sometimes we ask for help and we dont get the help we need. there is a lot of factors into this case….
    1. She got pregnant at an early age.
    2. She didn’t have a job
    3. She was been abused.
    4. No support from the kids daddy
    5. No money to feed the kids.
    6. she had to be dependent on family members.
    And the list just goes on… all this led her to do the unthinkable….having no where to turn makes you suicidal. Three beautiful souls were taken but we cant bring them back. The judge gave her 8 years but when you look at it she got a life sentence because the death of her three lovely children will be a cross she has to carry until the day she die. All we can do is pray for her.

  3. PunjavMC says:

    Fair Justice,

    How about giving the children up for adoption? Hello??? I say she should have gotten life imprisonment!!!!

  4. MERCY says:

    I read and observe and sometime u wonder how many persons remove the log in their eyes before the judge because that is what they are doing. My initial first emotional response to this tragedy was anger against the young lady but later on after the analysis of the facts I cannot say I condone what she did but I would say I understand what led to her demise. There are different Phobias and perhaps her fear was that her children end up the way she is in her situation and having felt and dealt with perhaps her circumstances tooth and nail it lead to her doing what she did. but track back to the beginning and usually u do not wait till a problem become enormous to deal with it and overall nobody speaks of the father who i believe should be held and even imprisoned because had he not bear children with her and four for that matter and not take care of them at all. I think if its only one child perhaps the challenge be different, feeding four children three times a day plus her 5 without money and no food no job and a child producing irresponsible father. Its tough ask a mother who has four children even with a supporting father it is a task for giants. Now this is a call DEAL WITH THE FATHER HE IS A THE ROOT OF THE CRIME I NEED TO SEE SOMETHINNG BE DONE TO HIM GIVE HIM FOUR YEARS FOR EACH CHILD WHO PASSED AWAY AND CHARGE HIM FOR SEXUAL ABUSE, PHYSICAL ABUSE, EMOTIONAL ABUSE, CHILD NEGLECT, MENTAL ABUSE AND CASTRATE HIM AS WELL

  5. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Rod i pity you….how would you feel if she was your daughter, you would plea to the judge to have mercy on her. You talk because she is not related to you, but i feel her pain. The girl needs help. And you Rod are a rotten scoundrel who have no heart. You always pointing fingers like if you make no mistakes acting like the holy one. One day you will be in a position pleading for mercy.

  6. Eye in the Sky says:

    She got 8 years and will probably be out in 4.

    The kids got Life. They will never be able to enjoy it again.

    I agree with Rod. Bring back hanging. No, wait, we cant do that.

    There will be no politicians left to r̶u̶n̶ rob the country anymore.

  7. humble says:

    This young woman needed help. it take a community to raise kids thats why Belize is the way it is. People dont care enough… We are failing….Kids having kids and this is a result of bad parenting….She started out early …didnt get a full education…getting abused… this young lady probably thinks no one loved her…. Mein I am a mother… single mom to be exact…. I know the pressure and the horrible helpless feeling is there because nothing is free out here she realized that she brought her innocent kids into this cruel world. yall thinks she needs more years but all i will do is pray.

  8. Al Rich says:

    This is a sad case. We have to look at reality, women have to take their future into their own hands. If a woman is in a relationship that is not good why have baby after baby for a good for nothing man. She probably wanted to hurt him and so she thought if I kill the kids he will see how much he has hurt me and come back to me. This was a desperate young woman with all the wrong thinking.

    There has to be life skills taught to young people both male and female students. As a country we are failing our young people. The future will only be as good as what is done today.

    People please stand up and fight for your country, for the future, for your children.

  9. concerned says:

    That is true she went through a rough situation. I know what being through a rough situation is and no one to give you a helping hand. I have been through that and still am in some way. It really makes you think negative things in life. I totally understand her.

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