Meet the top 5 “From YES to I DO” Couples

April 13th, 2010 | By OYE


Upon the closing date for the competition, approximately 40 applications were submitted by love-struck Belizean couples wishing to share their love story and their wedding day with all our viewers.

A panel sorted through the applications to select the most compelling love stories. Each of the five semifinalists all have a unique love story to share.

Meet:  Sgt. Neroo Flowers & Marla Perez Neroo & Marla “ I saw [her]…and said to myself that’s my bride.” “I never believe in first sight love until it happen to me.” Dating for 7 months. Neroo is a Sgt deployed in Iraq who returned to Belize to search for his wife.  He met Marla and knew she was the one. Meet: Elisa Jacobs & Rollington Fulller Elisa and Rollington “He showed me that he is willing to do anything for us.” “Without telling him anything I went out and bought a ring….and proposed to him right there in front of everyone.” Dating for 4 years. Elisa knew Rollington was the one for her from first sight. She asked him out first and proposed too. Meet: Monique Robinson & Devin Hewlett Hewlett and Robinson "While some people wait a lifetime for this, I have it and need to make good on it." “Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and the qualities i want in a wife, Monique...exemplifies.” Dating for 7 years. Devin and Monique are two God-fearing individuals who are rarely to be seen without one another. They have longed to be married for years. Meet: Rosana Rosado & Dayton McBride Sr Rosana and Dayton “She gave me the sweetest and genuine smile ever, my heart skipped a beat.” “We deserve each other.” Dating for 17 years. Rosana and Dayton have been living together for 17 years and always wanted to be married. Meet: Vanessa Ramos & Julio Escalanate Vanessa and Julio “She is my lover & my best friend.” “[She is] the reason for waking up each day.” Dating for 3 years. Julio applied as a surprise to Vanessa so they can make their wedding a reality.

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